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3rd Biennial Meeting

Sex Differences in the Immune System 

2024 Speakers

Marcus Altfeld

Leibniz Institute of Virology

Yasmine Belkaid

National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, NIH

& Institut Pasteur

Petter Brodin

Karolinska Institute & Imperial College London

Marc Dionne

Imperial College London

Diana Dou

Stanford University

Darragh Duffy

Institut Pasteur

Jean-Charles Guéry 


Molly Ingersoll

Institut Cochin

Claudia Kemper

National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute, NIH

Nick Lane

University College London

Ed Lavelle

Trinity College Dublin

Lydia Lynch

Harvard Medical School & Trinity College Dublin

Margaret McCarthy

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Amy Moran

Oregon Health & Science University

Mihai Netea

Radboud University Medical Center

Luke O'Neill

Trinity College Dublin

David Page

Whitehead Institute

Jenny Regan

University of Edinburgh

Maureen Su

The University of California, Los Angeles

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